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The Spider and the Green Butterfly (vudu, Vodu, Voodoo, Vodoun***)


Tipo: seminovo

Autor: E. A. Koetting & Baron DePrince

Editora: Eternal Ascent

Ano: 2009

Estante: Esoterismo/Espiritualismo

Idioma: Inglês

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Raridade! Edição esgotada e limitada a 500 exemplares: “Vodoun Crossroads of Power” (***relacionado ao Vodu ou Vudu Haitiano). Exemplar em capa dura original, com 145 páginas; em muito bom estado geral. “This text is perhaps the most dangerous to ever be put in print. Its rituals unlock doors that cannot be shut, its symbols and incantations conjure spirits that can never be exorcised, and the whole of your life and being will become a gateway between the worlds. Study this text, take notes, discuss it and dissect it, but unless you wish to be swept into the blackest ocean by the uncasing current of Vodoun, do not practice from this book, not once, not to see if it works or to use even a minor ritual for your benefit. The moment you do, this world will no longer be yours.”

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