THE OCCULT DIGEST, VOL.I (Psychic and Energetic Defense)

The Occult Digest. VOL.I

My original essay on the Psychic and Energetic Defense theme, have been published in “The Occult Digest”, Vol. I – 2016, by Black Moon Publishing:

“The Occult Digest originated in the early 1920’s and endured several re-births and transformations. Black Moon is honoured to be instrumental in the current re-birth of this historical publication and it is our goal to bring this time-tested entity into the present day to give voice to the many writers, artists and poets representing the myriad facets of esoteric thought, practice, and expression.

The Occult Digest and The Cincinnati Journal of Magick (that we published circa 1976-1979) have much in common. So it is actually a re-birth and merger of two very distinct and unique publications that were considered ground-breaking in their day and we hope to continue that tradition with this current re-birth.”

I am very Proud to be part of the current re-birth of this historical publication! I would like to thank so much my spiritual brother Dr. Louis Martinie and Black Moon Publishing (Jo Bounds) for this great opportunity; much honored! Gregory Badeaux.

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